I’m a Postdoctoral Research Fellow based at the School of Biological Sciences, The University of Queensland. My research is focused toward: the ecology, conservation and management of mammals in Australia and Melanesia (New Guinea and the Solomon Islands); biogeography (where species occur and why); and taxonomy (classification of species).

We know relatively little about Melanesia’s mammals. New species remain to be discovered and many have not been seen since they were first identified in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Discovering or rediscovering these species is an urgent priority. This requires some detective work, examining specimens collected a century or more ago, and venturing back to search the places they were last recorded.

For my current projects, I am collecting ecological data on poorly known species of monkey-faced bat (Pteralopex), and supporting community lead conservation initiatives in the Solomon Islands.

Kolombangara Expedition






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